11 Mar 2013

Content writing is an art by which you can earn money and fame but before that you must know How to write an article by which you can impress your readers. To write an article you should provide the relevant information in the most appealing way. Before starting a writing career, don’t forget to consider the following rules to write an article.

·        Select a language in which you are proficient. 

English is the most sought after language in website content writing. People who have English as their mother language have an added advantage but that doesn’t mean that people from non English speaking states cannot chose content writing as their career.


Grammar is the backbone of every language. So before opting English as your language, have a command of English grammar. There are a number of websites which are offering free online training for English learners and an assessment test to know how much you are gaining. You can do the self analysis on weekly basis. Grammar of a language will enable you to understand that How to write an article free of grammatical errors. When reading articles a poor grammar will irritate the reader and he will close the article page.


Improved Vocabulary is essential for an established writer. Use the words when required, unwanted and over used words will kill the shine of the article writing. Try to write as simple as you can for you don’t know who are your prospective readers? They may be from non English speaking states also. Vocabulary is the second step to write an article.


How much time do you require to write an article of 400 words 1hour, 2 hour or more? To write the first article of my life, I took 4 hectic hours to write a complete article. On second thoughts I realized that if I need so much time to write. What I will earn from this writing career if I work 8 hours a day? By writing two articles a day how I will earn bread and butter to my family. As I continued writing I graduated to write in 20 minutes. Now I am happy with the results. The only formula to know about How to write an article is writing itself, to win the race of content writing is to write, write and write.

8 Mar 2013

In the present scenario of content writing, netizens often complain that even after reading a couple of articles on how to use keywords in a blog; they are still unable to use the keywords strategically. And for the obvious reasons they feel it as most of the people write to fill pages, not to share the information. Lets come to the point otherwise I will be the next in the same row of making people disenchanted by his writing.
To enhance the SEO of your blog for greater visibility, prove your blog as a relevant source to your niche. So search for a primary keyword and dedicate your blog page to that. Search engine spiders or robots are designed to find the exact match to the keywords, stay away from ‘kind of’ or ‘maybe’ type. While using keywords maintain the natural flow of your writing.  Start by finding out the long tail keywords which have less competition. If you could succeed in this, chances that are you will survive in the bigger competition as well.  As nobody can claim to understand the search engine algorithm completely, but we know that Google search on the basis of titles, use keyword in title also.
Suppose you have selected a keyword “formal leather shoe” try to use synonyms for this like “formal shoe”, “fine leather shoe”. Using plurals will be an added advantage like “leather shoes” and “formal shoes”. By using this formula search engines will know about your content better, as much the search engine will know about your content, the much you will be exposure in search results.

How many times we can use the keyword?

 Primary keyword can be used two-three times a page. Take help of Google Analytics to know about your blog’s detailed statistics. , after a couple of days you can analyze how much traffic this keyword is generating? With different keyword selecting tools available free on net, build a fool proof strategy of how to use keywords, which pays you in monetary terms. Select a bunch of keywords and do math. Calculate the traffic, competition and if you have monetized your blog, check its cost.
After doing SEO of your page know, what is the bounce rate of your blog page? 50 percent of bounce rate is considered average so if you have 60 percent or above you must be concerned. Unfortunately, if you have 80 percent bounce rate, act now as you have got a serious problem. You need a more detailed introspection about how to use keywords in a blog, content relevancy and coherence.

4 Mar 2013

You may have read a couple of articles defining how to use keywords in search engine friendly format. A keyword can be a word or a set of words; these targeted keywords make our website or blog appear in the search results, if we use them according to SEO techniques. Selecting the right keywords is altogether a different technique. Let’s assume that you have selected the keywords for your blog and don’t know how to optimize the content. Here are a few tips, try them and feel the difference.

1. Use keywords in your title

This is a good practice and it works, I have seen a significant increase in the traffic when I used keywords in title. It helps search engine spiders to find your content and display them in their results.

2. Use keyword in the first and last paragraph

Don’t make long paragraphs; smaller paragraphs are easier to read. Make first and the last paragraph comparatively small and use your main keyword in both of them. If possible use your main keyword in the first and the last sentence of your blog. You can use the main keyword once more in the article body.

3. Use two-three keywords

If you are writing a blog of let’s say 400 words, then two or three keywords will serve the purpose. Dedicate you article to those keywords. Incorporate keywords in a style that looks natural and goes in accordance with your blog. Well distributed keywords over the blog will not ruin the essence of the content. How to select the keywords is as important as how to use keywords? For selecting the right keyword, you can use various online applications which are providing their service free of cost.

4. Long tail keywords work better

Long tail keywords deliver us the relevant content in lesser time as you could be more specific in long tail keywords. For instance if you search “lose weight” then you get thousands of results having the same keyword. But when we search for “how to lose weight” then it becomes crystal clear that you are the one who wants to know about the tips of losing weight. This search term instantly makes the search engine understand that what you are searching for and as a result, it shows the related links which have the tips of losing weight. After you gathered all the relevant information on how to use keywords for maximum benefits, come let the show begins.

22 Oct 2012

 Do You Want to Make a Blog; here are Some Blog Basics?
Nowadays, web presence is a need of time. Whether you are a blogger or a business man, you are supposed to have a presence at World Wide Web. Do you want to start a blog and don’t know how to start blogging? Don’t worry we all are new to the things which we do for the first time. Just start writing, over a period of time you will get seasoned. In this fast moving world we all have so much of work load that we don’t get time for ourselves.  We work under constant pressure of performing brilliantly; the work culture of performing on a rapid pace is to cope with this fast moving world. So, if you are writing for somebody why you cannot write for yourself and be recognized? Do you have a flair for writing? Do you feel relaxed after writing something? If your answer is in affirmation, blogging could be your cup of tea.
How to start blogging?
First of all you must be sure of
·        What you are going to blog about?
·         Do you want to promote any product, website or service?
·         Are you a content writer?
·        Do you wish to promote yourself on the world scenario?
 You have passion for writing and do write for catharsis but you don’t know how to start a blog? You can opt from the free blog services and you can also start by buying a domain.
Target your blog audience
Get help from Google ad words and target your audience. See, targeting your audience will make you understand better about their internet searches. Thus you can write according to their taste and likings. The right kind of SEO techniques will enhance your chances of appearing in search results. Never spam you article with too much keyword, Google will consider it as keyword spamming and black list your blog or website. Over usage of keyword is known as black hat tactics and as a genuine writer, stay away from these kinds of tactics. White hat tactics is the legit way to generate organic traffic.

Post Regularly
The most important aspect of blogging is to be consistent in posting your articles. In this tech savvy world the readers of your website don’t want to read what they have read earlier. Suppose you want to write an article on how to start blogging?  Search Google and you will find the idea to write. Make sure what you are posting on your blog is plagiarism free. Never copy the content because with the Google panda update you will have serious repercussions of blacklisting your blog. Remain open to reply to your visitors. Build a nice network around your blog.
Genuineness always pays, so help your blog visitors with the best of your knowledge. Let them know from how to start a blog to the complicated SEO techniques and other blog marketing strategies. Help them with your experience and motivate then to use legit ways.

18 Sep 2012

If you have finally made up your mind to start a blog, now this is the time to ponder whether you want to use a free blog service or you wish to pay for this.

 As you are a beginner, I would recommend you to make a free blog. After getting polished and seeing ups and downs of blogging world, you can purchase your own domain.

Free blog

While opting for a free blog service you don’t have to bother about web hosting service and domain registration. These services are taken care of by the free service providers.  A Runtime error of the blog and other kinds of trouble shooting is handled by the website.

For starting a blog you have to take refuge in free blog services like Word Press, and Blogger.

Here I will tell you how to make a BlogSpot blog. BlogSpot is the most sought after and the best for free blogging.

  If you have a Google account then you can make a blog by the same. By opening Google Account you can avail different services by Google like Gmail, Blogger, AdWords, and others as well.

How to Create a BlogSpot Blog?

Open the Blogger and you will get this page fill this form 

if already a member Sign in with the Google Account to                   blogger.

Verify Your Account

verify you account by providing an valid phone number and click on " Send Verification Code"

Confirm your Profile

here you can write about your self then click on" Continue to Blogger".

Decide the Niche

You can make a blog or write on anything under the sun but it is 
advisable to start a blog on a topic which you are sure of. You must be aware of the topic; this ensures that you can satisfy the queries of your readers’ and can elaborate the minute details. You don’t have to research Internet for satisfying visitor’s queries. You can also define the untouched aspects of the topic and bring them into limelight.

How to Create a New Blog?

click on the button "New Blog",  a new window will come up 

give a name to your blog according to your niche and select an "URL"

Select a template

you can also select from a wide variety of templates available. 
Select a template as per your liking
After selecting the template and clicking the button "Create Blog"
You will get the message “your blog has been created”
Now the most important thing is to write a post.

click on "Start Blogging"

write first post of your blog,be consistent in posting, your regular posts will be noticed by search engines.

10 Aug 2012

Now, that you have started your career as content writer; let us discuss some useful content writing tips which will put you a step ahead of other content writers and these tips are prevalent in writing industry.

  • Start with a catchy title, an attractive title will make your readers go through your article.
  • First paragraph of the article must be giving an idea about the rest of the article. Topic of the article is a kind of article soul. You can start the paragraph with some questions in the first paragraph. In the following paragraphs you can answer them.
  • Font size, style, color and layout of the page matters a lot to your article writing. The language must be clear and loud. Loud enough to understand easily but it doesn't show gaudiness. Readers could get your defined line of action thoroughly so that they could grasp it easily.
  • If, you desire you can write whole article in one paragraph but it is always advisable to break it into paragraphs, just in order to maintain the reader’s interest. Interlinking sentences within the paragraph will make your content writing more interesting and meaningful.
  • It is writer’s duty that while writing he must be sure about the genuineness and the authenticity of the provided information. Never code out of context, always refer to the relevant source when needed.
  • Never ever copy the content, this is the worst possible thing a content writer can do. Copying the content will ruin your image and market credibility. With the availability of different sorts of plagiarism checkers they can easily catch you red handed.
This is a fact that everyone can write according to his inbuilt capabilities but these writing tips will polish. These wonderful tips and will give you a head start. In my next blog I will tell you some more tips of content writing.